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My name’s Shree, the creator of Subsprout.com.

I started this site to help educate and guide people on daily living and cleaning. I learned a lot living on my own for many years and now I want to help share this with like minded people.

This isn’t just about living a clean life literally, it’s also about living clean mentally. Clutter-free living made my life much easier, hopefully it will yours too.

Wait, what’s this about affiliates?

So, on some articles you’ll notice I recommend products or services. If you click through and choose to make a purchase, the retailer (Amazon most likely) will give me a cut of what you buy. You won’t be charged extra. It’s their way of thanking me for referring you to them.

Does that change your opinion on products?

No. I don’t consider commission when looking at the best solutions to problems we all have. If you find that my recommendation is out of date or no longer relevant then please get in touch and I’ll review the article as soon as I can.